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A Few Words About Us

Designer Systems are an award winning product design and manufacturing company.

We work with client companies and individuals to create, design and manufacture bespoke electronic products using the latest technologies. Our team of engineers have over 30 years experience over a wide range of design disciplines including digital/analogue electronics, software and design for manufacture and repair.
We work with only the best industrial designers in the UK, Europe and internationaly to take your product from concept to full manufacture.

Lynx Headset

The Lynx Headset ia an avionics Passive Noise Reduction (PNR) headset. Used with Lynx intercom systems, with general aviation connectors or plugged directly into the radio.

Power and Environmental Monitoring

Re-design of a range of Power, Energy and Environmental products for one of the leading companies in this sector. Designs are covered by NDA due to deployment by Blue chip companies and Governments.


PODLOC is a product that provides lockable storage and charging for a standard smartphone device.
The smartphone is inserted into the PODLOC and once locked an app is used to unlock the door by entering a PIN code. The PODLOC charges the smartphone when the door is locked.

Zigbee Sensors

The Arista Zigbee Sensors are a range of easily installable IoT products for the monitoring of ambient changes within the home to assist with independent living.
Each sensor is easily integrated into any smart home, smart energy, home care or building management system and has a specific function to monitor an aspect of ambient change.


A product that provides vocal lifesaving instructions to a user in case of emergency. The product uses verbal instructions that are played to the user to guide them through an emergency procedure.
Pictured is part of a conceptal enclosure design created by ai-product development

DAB Radio

A DAB radio product specifically designed for partially sighted and blind operators. The product uses vocal feedback to guide the operator through operations normally taken for granted by sighted operators to provide a user-friendly intuitive experience.
Pictured is part of a conceptal enclosure design created by e3design


The Condition Monitoring and Analyser Module (CMAM) is positioned in the PCMS Chassis backplane. It hosts an embedded PC that receives data streams from other PCMS modules fitted in the backplane via ethernet and serial communications.

WiREMs Smart

The WiREMS Smart is a retrofit control designed to reduce the running costs and carbon output of air conditioners by turning them off once the room is vacated. Additional savings can be made by limiting the adjustable temperature, by adding sensors to windows and doors that turn the air conditioner off if either have been left open or by including the wireless relay module which turns off an additional power source as well as the air conditioning once the occupants have departed.

Vehicle Information Xystem (VIX)

The Vehicle Information Xystem (VIX) product is a device that allows audible announcement, audio level monitoring and vehicle control/monitoring functionality within a Passenger Servise Vehicle (PSV).