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Advanced Control Unit (ACU)

Power Distribution Unit

The Advanced Control Unit (ACU) is a second generation control board for the PDU-SNMP Power Distribution Unit.
The ACU integrates an ARMv7 processor that leaverages new features into the PDU-SNMP unit including internal and external USB2.0 host ports, full HTTPs and SNMPv3 functionality, IPv4 and IPv6 support and a full colour touch LCD panel. The unit still retains all PDU-SNMP features including three-phase metering, upto 48 switched/monitored outlets, humidity/temperature sensor , a bus of 8 temperature only sensors and full wiegand reader door lock control and monitoring.

Product Information

Designer Systems developed the hardware and Linux software and incorporates the following features:

  • High speed ARMv7 processor with multi-threaded software.
  • Ethernet port [IEEE 802.3 with full 10/100Base-T network compatibility].
  • Universal input voltage range 85-264VAC on-board SMPS
  • Two USB2.0 host ports for flash storage, camera support etc.
  • Single, dual phase or 3 phase metering at up to 63A per phase.
  • High-speed MODBUS RS485 port for local daisy-chaining of up to 31 PDU slaves.
  • Pluggable/onboard Full colour touch LCD panel and backward compatible with 16x2 LCD panel with RGB backlight for status feedback.
  • Temperature sensor bus port [8x chained] & humidity sensor port.
  • Contact monitoring port [4x voltage free].
  • Cabinet door Wiegand proximity/card reader and Electronic door lock control port.
  • 48 socket outlet support with current monitoring and/or switching using 4way socket module with automatic searching [Phase configuration on socket module].
  • Exclusively designed for IPT Limited, for more information: IPT Limited

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