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Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

AC Power Transfer System

The iPower Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is installed into a Power Distribution Unit (PDU) system to allow the automatic or manual selection of an incoming dual single-phase supply to be metered and distributed to the PDU outlets. The product may be used as a standalone device utilising push-button switches and LED indicators to select either of the incoming feeds or automatic mode or be used in conjunction with the IPT Ethernet meter module for advanced monitored control over the MODBUS interface.

Product Information

Designer Systems developed the hardware and firmware which incorporates the following features:

  • Low power PIC18F Microcontroller design.
  • Compact 218mm long by 55mm wide PCB (29mm max. height) can be slid into the standard PDU extrusion or mounted internally within a 1U 19” sub-rack.
  • Dual universal input voltage range 100-264VAC 0.5W on-board power supplies and/or external 5~15VDC supply.
  • 32A single phase feeds with manual/automatic high-speed switching 8~15mS (SSI 21mS compliant).
  • SSR heatsink temperature monitoring with automatic overtemperature shutdown.
  • High speed MODBUS serial (custom protocol) connection to Ethernet Meter (EMETER) product.
  • Exclusively designed for IPT Limited, for more information: IPT Limited

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