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Mobile high-speed data acquisition system

The PROTOR Mobile is a powerful vibration condition monitoring system that has been designed for rotating machinery offering both real-time and remote diagnostic monitoring. PROTOR provides a complete hardware and software solution for vibration monitoring of rotating machines. Acquisition subsystems monitor the machinery and are networked to a central server. Realtime and historical data can be accessed on the server or remotely via a LAN, WAN or VPN.

Prosig DATS-tetrad
Product Information

Designer Systems developed the internal processor and display hardware and embedded software which includes the following features:

  • Externally powered from a standard 9-36VDC supply with full supply conditioning.
  • Single Board Computer (COMe Type 6) running Windows operating system on M.2 SSD drive.
  • Internal 2.4/5GHz WiFi with external antenna connectivity.
  • Internal 3/4G LTE Modem with external antenna connectivity.
  • Fully monitored power chain with I2C register access to on-board voltages and currents.
  • 32bit microcontroller system managment processor.
  • Internal Gigabit Ethernet port for backplane communication.
  • Internal DisplayPort and USB2.0 ports for diagnostics.
  • Two [2] external Gigabit Ethernet ports.
  • Two [2] external USB2.0 host ports.
  • High contrast monochrome OLED display.
  • Six [6] layer high-speed impedance matched PCB system throughout.
  • Exclusively designed for Beran Instruments Limited, for more information: PROTOR

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