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Project Portfolio

Lynx Headset

Advanced Passive Noise Reduction (PNR) headset for avionics.


Lockable storage and charging solution for handheld devices.

In Case Of Emergency (ICOE)

Emergency Announcement Device.

Vehicle Information System

Passenger vehicle audio announcement and monitoring solution.

Mobius Sense System

Mobius Sense measures ambient light level and temperature from multiple locations using LoRa.

GSM/LTE Telephone

GSM/LTE 4G Rugged telephone handset.

Pawtrack VII

Domestic cat tracking collar.

WiREMs Smart

The WiREMs Smart is a WiFi connected IoT device for the control of Air Conditioning systems.

Air Quality Sensor

Environmental monitoring system.

Barrington Watch Winder

Single and multi-winders for automatic watches

Memo Zigbee Sensors

A range of Zigbee sensors for Alcuris Memo including, door/window contact, Infrared, Motion and Auxillary.

Beran PROTOR (Processor)

Multi-channel Vibration Condition Monitor

Prosig DATS-tetrad

Portable noise & vibration data acquisition system.

Audible Voice Assistant (AVA)

AVA provides immediate verbal instructions for use in any situation ranging from industrial checklists to critical process whenever and wherever required.

RAD System

Electric boat control system.


Datacentre cabinet security system.


Coming soon.

Queue Master

Pandemic queue control system for shops and shopping centres.

The O

Induction heated hair rollers.


Offering plants a perfect home.


Coving and skirting cutting tool.


Robust high-performance tablet.

Pawtrack IV

Cat tracking collar.

Advanced Control Unit (ACU)

Linux based Power Distribution Unit.

Vandel & Weather Resistant Phones

Outdoor rugged PSTN/GSM-R and VoIP handsets.

Cyrus Lyric (front panel)

Intelligent front panel.


Video Dog Treat Dispenser.


Wheel display accessory.


Marine security and monitoring system.

BEMF Motor Safety Interlock

The BEMF Motor sensing Interlock is designed to control access to rotating machinery.


Air Conditioner control system.

Telkom Test Products

Test telephone and cable tracing.


Datacentre Load Tester.