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GKD SensorZone

WiDAU software WiFi app implementation

The GKD WiDAU unit is part of the existing SENSORZONE family of products which protect personnel that stray too close to heavy plant that could potentially kill. Designer Systems developed the WiDAU software running on a hardware platform developed by Sigma Nova Ltd and developed a WiFi interface board and app for the Basestation.

GKD SensorZone
Product Information

Designer Systems developed a WiFi configuration system that is integrated into the SenzorZone Basestation unit which includes the following features:

  • 802.11 b/g/n WiFi system with Access Point (AP) controlled by the Base station.
  • Custom HTML/CSS/AJAX/Javascript webserver allowing system monitoring and configuration.
  • Non-invasive system allows operation in tandem with existing PWS Utility over CAN bus.
  • Over-air software and web page update.
  • Exclusively designed for GKD Technik Limited, for more information: SensorZone

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