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Load Simulation Test System

The iEmulator is used to replicate the characteristics of IT equipment within a Data Centre. By using the iEmulator for Data Centre heat load testing, the Data Centre Operators and Main Contractors will have 'peace of mind' that when the critical and expensive IT equipment is deployed, they can have confidence that the M&E infrastructure will be able to accommodate this critical equipment.

Product Information

Designer Systems developed the hardware and firmware which includes the following features:

  • PIC18 Ethernet microcontroller design.
  • Full HTML webpage interface and SNMP control/monitoring registers.
  • Maximum rating 3kW and configurable in 500W increments.
  • Variable speed fan to provide flow rates of 60 l/s to 160 l/s.
  • Configurable Delta-T from 2C to 20C
  • A&B power feeds; Load split 50 % / 50 % in normal operation with the ability to transfer 100% of the tester load to either the A or the B feed.
  • Designed for Advanced Data Centre Testing, for more information: iEmulator

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