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Intelligent Mains Distribution Unit

The MDU12i allows for comprehensive metering of the mains input while giving flexible control to the outputs. It is also the only MDU on the market that incorporates a hot swappable control board to allow for on-site hardware upgrades.

Product Information

Designer Systems developed the hardware and embedded firmware which includes the following features:

  • Hot-swappable control board allowing for on-site hardware upgrade.
  • Universal input voltage range 85-264VAC on-board SMPS.
  • Twelve [12] individually fused and switched outlets with fuse blown monitoring and indication.
  • Programmable outlet power on sequencing with variable outlet timing.
  • Single phase metering of input mains supply and combined load from all outlets.
  • Ethernet port [IEEE 802.3 with full 10/100Base-T network compatibility].
  • High-speed RS485 port for local daisy-chaining of up to 31 additional units.
  • Externally connected humidity/temperature sensor.
  • Eight [8] channel GPIO port.
  • Two [2] channel 0-5VDC ADC port.
  • Two [2] channel N.O. and N.O./N.C. relay port.
  • Exclusively designed for DEM Manufacturing Limited, for more information: iMDU

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