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iSensor+ System

Datacentre Environmental Monitoring

The ADS iSensor System is a twenty-four [24] port sensor concentrator housed within a 19inch sub-rack format with built in webserver and full SNMP support. The main function of the product is to monitor up to twenty-four [24] iSensorPlus sensors connected up to 100 metres away using standard CAT5/6 cabling.

Product Information

Designer Systems developed the hardware and software which includes the following features:

  • High speed ARMv7 processor with multi-threaded software.
  • Twenty-four [24] iSensorPlus sensor ports.
  • Range of sensors includes humidity/temperature, particle air and Voltage Free Contact (VFC).
  • Dual fed universal input voltage range 85-264VAC on-board SMPS
  • Ethernet port [IEEE 802.3 with full 10/100Base-T network compatibility].
  • Designed for Advanced Datacentre Systems Limited.

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