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Secure charging solution

PODLOC is a product that provides lockable storage and charging for a standard handheld device. The device is inserted into the front of the PODLOC and an app used to unlock the door by entering a security code. The PODLOC also charges the handheld device when inserted.

Product Information

Designer Systems developed the device hardware and firmware which includes the following features:

  • Low power PIC18F microcontroller solution.
  • Eight [8] onboard ambient light sensors arranged in two rows of four to read the black and white pattern from the display of an inserted handheld device.
  • Onboard RGB (RED/GREEN/BLUE) LED for visual lock and door status display.
  • Onboard piezo buzzer for audible lock and door status.
  • Magnetic hall-effect sensor to monitor PODLOC door status.
  • Bistable solenoid drive to lock/unlock door.
  • 24VDC powered with auto 5, 9, 15 & 20VDC USB PD2.0 sub-regulation for handheld device charging and internal 3.3VDC supply for the microcontroller system.
  • Exclusively designed for Falcona, for more information: Falcona

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