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Industry Experience

Over 30 years of experience provide professional electronic design services.

Professional Consultation

Professional advice on your product even when your requirements might not be suitable for a competitive market.

Certified Partner

Premier level Microchip Design Partner since 2001 and uBlox Design Partner since 2019.


Designer Systems provides low volume prototype, customisation and one off manufacturing services.

Whether building prototypes for EMC, Safety or conformance testing, production manufacture test boxes or test rigs / jigs for product exercising or failure analysis we can provide a solution.


We are able to provide fully functional hardware prototypes for assessing concept feasibility, as well as identifying and mitigating pre-development risks. Capability includes the design and manufacture of 1 off prototypes for single use deployment or test applications.

  • Single unit custom design and manufacture for specialised applications.
  • Fast turnaround low volume assembly (Surface mount, mixed or conventional).
  • High quality test equipment design and construction.
  • Test rig/jig construction for product exercising and failure analysis testing.

Custom Prototype Portfolio


RFID reader with GSM network Thingstream connectivity.

PML Propeller Tester

Boat propeller test rig to test propeller coating materials. Controls the speed and operational duration of nine [9] propellers to simulate everyday usage.

IPT Control Board Tester

Test box for IPT PDU Control boards. Tests LCD output, voltage levels, card reading and lock control.

Fabotech Photo Cutter

An automatic photo cutter that detects when a photo comes from the printer and automatically cuts it into three strips.

NTL SRCS Interface

A custom sub-rack Short Range Communication System (SRCS) that allows users to monitor control room despatcher messages using wireless headsets.

IPT Socket Board Tester

Test box for IPT PDU Socket boards. Tests/calibrates current monitoring and socket switching.

Electronic Product Design Services

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