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DECT and MetRadio audio routing system

The SRCS-WCI or Short Range Communication System - Wireless Control Interface is a multi-channel POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) to DECT interface for the monitoring of MetRadio audio channels or making/answering telephone calls. Any one of 70 users may select an audio channel (1-50) to listen to by keying a sequence into the DECT handset, scan through all audio channels, originate a PSTN call or answer a PSTN call.

Product Information

Designer Systems developed the hardware and embedded software which includes the following features:

  • Up to 70 PSTN to DECT channels (10 channels per card)
  • Up to 50 MetRadio audio channels (10 channels per card) with user selection and auto scan feature.
  • Dual power supplies for system ensuring redundancy.
  • Easily expandable with additional cards within 6U 19" rack system.
  • Full PSTN line emulation with DTMF decode/encode, ring detection and hook detection.
  • Designed for ntl Limited.

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