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Coving and skirting cutting tool

TrigJig (UK Patent Applied For) is an innovative tool that makes cutting and fitting coving or skirting easy. Simply place the tool in the corner, press 'lock' and the TrigJig calculates the exact angle you need. The tool then guides your saw as you cut. TrigJigs measure, calculate and guide to ensure perfect mitre joints for coving, cornice, crown molding, skirting board, picture rail, dado rail and base board.

Product Information

Designer Systems developed the hardware and embedded firmware which includes the following features:

  • Low power PIC16LF LCD microcontroller design for long battery life.
  • Large digit custom LCD panel with dual angle display and feedback icons.
  • Fully adjustable, non-contact, measurement of angle from 0-180 degrees with 0.1 degree accuracy.
  • Tactile buttons to lock angle, zero angle, setup string angles and switch between mitre and bevel cuts.
  • Exclusively designed for HICI Limited, for more information: TrigJig

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