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Watch Winders

Automatic watch winder systems

Automatic watch winders for single and multiple watches. An automatic watch is a precision piece of engineering and, like your car or any other complex machine, it benefits from being used rather than left idle. Inside your watch are many cogs, levers and springs, all of which are lubricated by a very fine oil that keeps the watch functioning at optimal performance. Using a watch winder helps ensure that the mechanism is kept lubricated and operating as it should.

Product Information

Designer Systems developed the device hardware and software which includes the following features:

  • Low power WiFi Xtensa LX6 dual core processor design.
  • 2x C cell (single winder) or mains adaptor (multi winder) powered with battery monitoring on single winder.
  • Whit on black OLED display (multi winder) with capacitive touch screen.
  • Temperature/humidity monitoring with on screen display (multi winder).
  • Infrared remote control (multi winder).
  • Control of 1 to 128 motors with individual Turns Per Day, direction and wind periods.
  • WiFi connectivity for internet time/date and IoT AWS functionality.
  • Exclusively designed for Barringtone Watch Winders.

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